Finding joy in hard places

Alistair and Joyce were married for nearly 60 years. They weren’t just a couple, they were best mates. They loved adventures and exploring every nook and cranny of New Zealand. Life on the road in a van and caravan was the last great adventure.  Then Alistair fell and broke his hip.  The gypsy life had to be reluctantly traded for a retirement flat. Suddenly Joyce got ill, and within days she passed away.  Alistair was heartbroken. I visited him recently and he’s doing ok. He misses his best mate terribly but he’s getting on. He’s learning to take care of himself and has a routine. When I asked him what helps him get through, he shared his belief in a creator outside himself, and feels Joyce is still there to guide him. He appreciates his family and their care.  He’s also grateful that he can enjoy his own company.  Gratitude, faith outside himself,  and appreciation are getting Alistair through each day. Attitude is a powerful thing. 

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